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Womens CenterBreast Health
We offer patients in Northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan access to a comprehensive array of breast health services. Coordination of resources that include physicians and medical specialists, certified breast health educators and technologists, and other caring professionals, allows us to offer:

Education on breast health and early detection/prevention of breast cancer
Screening and diagnostic imaging through digital mammography and ultrasound. Most patients receive their results before they leave.
Minimally invasive breast biopsy
Breast MRI, including MRI-guided breast biopsy
Referrals to specialists
Access to the largest research/clinical trial programs in Northeast Wisconsin through St. Vincent Hospital’s Cancer Center.
Convenient self-scheduling. Most patients can call and schedule their own mammogram appointments. We will obtain the physician order for you.
A self-referral mammography program for women who do not have a health care provider or don’t see one on a regular basis.

Breast cancer is a scary subject for patients, but mammograms don’t have to be. That’s why we have a dedicated team of breast health educators and mammography technologists. They’ll guide you through your entire experience answering questions, explaining alternatives, and helping you manage the health care system at your own pace.

Breast Health Imaging Center

One in eight women will develop breast cancer during her lifetime. Yet more than 97 percent of those women will survive the disease if their cancer is diagnosed, treated, and contained early. Our breast health team can provide the care and treatment you need. Our breast health services include:
• Breast health educators
• Educational programs and a resource center
• Prevention and early detection services
• Screenings and diagnostic digital mammography
• Breast cancer treatment—surgical, pharmacological, and radiation
• Support groups

Breast Health Video Library

Videos with Dr. Meghan Hanson:

Screening Mammography

Diagnostic Mammography


Ultrasound Guided Biopsy/FNA

Videos with Dr. David Balison

Stereotactic Core Biopsy

Breast MRI

Wire Localization

Lymphoscintigraphy or Sentinal Lymph Node Mapping

 You’re never alone with the compassionate professionals at St. Vincent Breast Health Imaging Center.

Make Breast Health a Regular Part of Your Health Care

Regular mammograms, in conjunction with clinical breast exams and breast self-exams (BSE), are a critical component of routine health care for women. There is no more effective way to spot breast cancer in its early stages than with regular mammograms, enhanced by state-of-the-art technology such as computer-aided detection. Mammography can detect the beginnings of cancer far sooner than women can on their own, even with vigilant self-examination. Mammograms can even detect some forms of pre-cancer prior to the development of a tumor.

We are an FDA, MQSA, and ACR certified mammography site.

To schedule a mammogram, please call (920) 433-8329. To speak with a Breast Health Educator, call (920) 433-8174.

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