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CF Center ServicesGenetic Counseling
Genetic counselors at St. Vincent Hospital are experienced members of the CF Center team. The genetic counselor’s role in our CF Center often starts when a baby has a CF newborn screen that indicates he/she may have CF. After a positive (abnormal) CF newborn screen, further diagnostic testing includes a sweat test, which can rule out or confirm a diagnosis of CF. The following link provides more information about CF newborn screening, http://www.cff.org/AboutCF/Testing/NewbornScreening/.

Genetic counselors work with families in the CF Center to help them understand genetic information in a personally meaningful way. Genetic counselors provide support and resources for families throughout many stages of their lives. We address questions about genetic testing, CF inheritance, and likelihood for other children or relatives to have CF or to be a CF carrier. We also coordinate genetic testing for families and help them gain access to relevant clinical trials. The genetic counselors are dedicated to quality CF care.

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