Cancer Research Institute

In 2002, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) awarded St. Vincent Hospital the Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP) designation for our excellence in cancer research—one of only 63 sites nationally. In 2014, that connection to the National Cancer Institute continued under their new program—NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). HSHS St. Vincent Cancer Research Institute works collaboratively with two other health care organizations in Wisconsin (Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation in Marshfield and Gundersen Medical Foundation in LaCrosse) to form the WINCORP network.

Among the services the HSHS St. Vincent Cancer Research Institute provides:

  • Access to new treatment protocols and drugs for people who have been diagnosed with certain types of cancer
  • Prevention studies to help people remain cancer-free
  • Opportunities for local people to directly contribute to the body of knowledge scientists need to find a cure for cancer

Research sites include any HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Cancer Centers locations (Green Bay, Oconto Falls, Marinette and Sturgeon Bay), Holy Family Memorial Cancer Care Center in Manitowoc, HSHS St. Nicholas Hospital Cancer Program in Sheboygan and Green Bay Oncology at their satellite locations in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Participation in the cancer care trials benefits patients and physicians in the community as well as scientists in research centers. It not only brings the latest research findings directly to our community but it also increases the number of patients and physicians who take part in clinical trials, which allows scientists to find and bring new treatments forward at a faster rate.

For information about current cancer clinical trials call: (920) 433-8889.

Research Team

Teresa Cimino, RN, BSN
Clinical Research Associate, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center
"I enjoy bringing hope to patients by offering them the most up to date treatments possible."

Brenda Davies, BS
Clinical Research Associate, St. Nicholas Hospital
"The interaction with the patients is the most rewarding aspect of my job. I am granted the opportunity to be a part of the patients (and often their loved ones) lives during a very challenging time. I provide as much information as possible to ensure that the patient and their loved ones feel able to make the best decision for their care and continue to provide guidance throughout the time they are part of the study."

Mary Ann DuPont, BA
Clerical Support Associate, HSHS St. Vincent Hospital – Cancer Research Institute
"There are many things I enjoy about my job at the Cancer Research Institute: assisting with study updates and regulatory documents; learning about clinical research; and being on a team with caring and compassionate individuals who work continuously to improve patient outcomes."

Lori Francar, RN MLIS
Clinical Research Associate, St. Vincent Hospital - Gynecologic Oncology Clinic and Radiation Oncology
"I enjoy the opportunities to learn and grow. I especially like the patient contact. It is rewarding to enroll patients on a research study providing them the best care, to answer their questions and monitor them as they go through their treatment and follow up. I am truly amazed at the strength and courage I see in people with cancer. It is such an honor to be part of the Regional Cancer Center team who are such a wonderful group of professionals giving excellent care."

Barbara Herald, RD
Clinical Research Associate, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center
"What I love most about my job is working with patients, physicians and staff."


Baljett Kanwar, BS, MD, CCRA
Research Regulatory Specialist, St. Vincent Hospital
"Staying informed and updated on all the changes/updates happening in the studies open at our institutions and ensuring that all the updates are implemented in a timely manner. Being available to help and also learn from my colleagues."


Meredith King, RN, BSN, CCRP
Research Clinical Specialist, St. Vincent Hospital
"Being a part of Clinical research since 2002, I’ve been able to see some standards of care change as a result of clinical trials our Research Department has participated in. It’s exciting to know that I’m a part of it, even though it’s a very small part. The better I am at my job: 1) the more screened patients may be able to participate in a trial, 2) the better adherence to trial requirements both for patient safety and to ensure patient data is usable for study group analysis, and 3) the better the quality of data that’s being sent in. I love working with the doctor to offer the patient participation in a clinical trial here, close to home, rather than needing to travel extended distances for care and treatment."

Jodi Koch, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRP
Clinical Research Associate, St. Mary’s Hospital Medical Center
"I like being able to provide people with the opportunity to receive ground breaking treatments. It is a great feeling to hear when a new treatment has been FDA approved and I have had patients that have already benefited from the treatment through clinical trials."


Amy Koffarnus, BS, CCRP
Clinical Research Associate, St. Vincent Hospital - Cancer Research Institute/Green Bay Oncology
"I love giving patients hope with new treatment options as well as offering the opportunity for this caring community to help future cancer patients benefit from the research being done. It excites me to be part of this ever changing specialty and provide the most advanced care possible."

Carol Sweney, BS
Clinical Research Associate, St. Vincent Hospital - Green Bay Oncology
"I truly enjoy working with the physicians/staff of Green Bay Oncology as they provide their patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials. The oncologists want what is best for their patients, and if that includes a clinical trial, I help support that care. My study patients have the world’s best attitudes, knowing that they are providing the link needed to advance the knowledge of cancer treatment."

Christy Gilchrist, PhD, CRA
Director, Clinical Programs/Cancer Research Institute
"Ever since I was 17 years old, I have wanted to improve patient care and advance therapies. I am not a clinical person; but, my talent in statistics, research design, research administration, and compliance enable me to partner with clinical teams to conduct research. Some of the research conducted by HSHS Eastern Wisconsin Division Cancer Research Institute and its trusted partners have changed the standard of care and I look forward to seeing more studies change patient outcomes and experiences for the better."

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