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Prenatal Genetics

Pregnancy can be a very exciting experience, but occasionally families have concerns about birth defects, hereditary conditions and the well-being of the baby.  Our genetic counselors have expertise in prenatal genetics and can help you and your doctor answer questions and concerns during a very important time in your life.  Our experts offer counseling and education to help you get the information and peace of mind you are looking for.

What does prenatal genetic counseling involve?

A visit to the HSHS St. Vincent Hospital Medical Genetics Clinic includes time with a genetic counselor who has expertise with pregnancy,  genetic conditions and birth defects.
An appointment is scheduled for an office visit with a genetic counselor.
  • Your pregnancy history is reviewed.
  • Your family history is obtained and discussed.
  • Testing options for you and your pregnancy are discussed.
  • Follow-up includes discussion and interpretation of testing, when done.

Who benefits from prenatal genetic counseling?

Prenatal genetic counseling helps individuals find answers to questions such as:
  • Is my baby at increased risk of having a birth defect or genetic condition?
  • What concerns are there if I am 35 or older with my pregnancy?
  • Is genetic testing an option for me during my pregnancy or before pregnancy begins?
  • What options do I have for carrier testing?
  • How might prenatal testing help influence my pregnancy medical management?
  • What concerns are there about my use of medications during pregnancy?
  • My baby has a birth defect; what can I do to prepare for delivery and make special plans?
To make an appointment or get more information call (920) 433-8559.
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